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Digital Architecture, McGraw-Hill, 1999


Digital Architecture
Turn Vision into Virtual Reality with 3D Graphics
Hardware, Software, Tips, and Techniques from 50 Top Designers

(5-star rating by internet review)
#8 Best Selling Architecture Book in, 1999

Author: M. Saleh Uddin
Publisher: McGraw-Hill o 1999 o ISBN: 0070648145

Paperback, 212 color pages. List Price: $49.95
Also published in Chinese and Spanish

Digital Architecture not only presents the best new work from more than 50 top international architects but also explains how the work was created--the concept, the process, the software and hardware, the input and output devices, and the exploration of the media itself. Also provided are concise overviews of digital media (with illustrative examples) for architectural design presentation divided into conceptual studies, dimensional orthographics, 3D modeling and rendering, desktop formats, digital analysis, digital hybrids, and multimedia. Featuring an easy-to-use format, Digital Architecture is an ongoing reference on hybrid digital presentation and an endless source of ideas and inspiration.

Reviewers Comments in the Internet:

Reviewer: A reader from San Francisco, May 15, 1999
I found this book to be a real breakthrough in its genre. It is beautifully composed as graphic presentation. The images included are varied and plentiful, presented by all types and sizes of firms. Unlike most books of this type, the written descriptions are informative and worth reading.

Reviewer: From United Kingdom, May 11, 1999
A must for anyone related with architecture and CAD... The book not only gives examples of what is going on in Architectural design in the offices using digital technics, but also defines clearly the process of designing and the use of computers effectively within that process. Impressive images, short and clear definitions of methods as well as hardware and software. I recommend it not only for practicing architects but researchers in this area as well as students of architecture...

Hybrid Drawing, John Wiley, 1999
Techniques by Contemporary Architects and Designers

Author: M. Saleh Uddin
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons o 1999 o ISBN: 047129745
Hard Cover, 192 Pages (color and B&V) Price: $49.95

Hybrid drawings offer limitless possibilities for the fusion and superimposition of ideas, media, and techniques- powerful creative tools for effective and innovative architectural graphic presentation. This unique guide offers a dynamic introduction to these drawings and how they are created, with a stunning color portfolio of presentation-quality examples that give full visual expression to the power and potential of hybrid drawing techniques. This book provides a step-by-step introduction to the creation of hybrid drawings, along with a full portfolio of the best hybrid drawings from dozens of internationally-recognized architects and firms. Each visual example is accompanied by helpful descriptive and analytical commentary explaining how and why it was created.

Axonometric and Oblique Drawing, McGraw-Hill, 1997
Axonometric and Oblique Drawing:
A 3-D Construction, Rendering, and Design Guide

Author: M. Saleh Uddin
McGraw-Hill o ISBN: 0070657556
Hardcover o 212 pages o April 1997 Price: $34.97 o List Price: $49.95
Also published in Chinese and Spanish

Over 400 illustrations demonstrate a guide to the technique of constructing 3D drawings without the use of perspective. Vantage points shown range from a straight-on oblique angle through cut-away, exploded, layered, and transparent perspectives-to "birds-eye" and "worm's-eye" views. Chapters progress from construction of basic paraline drawing through shadow casting, rendering techniques, exploration of point-of-view, axonometric in design analysis, axonometric in design process, layout, composition, reprographic techniques, and fully integrated presentations. The only complete guide to axonometric and oblique drawing ever produced, this ideal studio companion offers not only instruction, but inspiration. In addition to its wealth of practical techniques and useful tips, it also features an international portfolio of award-winning axonometric drawings by renowned design professionals, including works of Takefumi Aida (Japan), Anthony Ames, Tadao Ando, David Baker, R.L. Binder, Ellerbe Becket, Steven Holl, Mark English, Murphy/Jahn, Alexis Pontvik Arkitekt (Sweden), Resolution: 4 Architecture, Shin Takamatsu (Japan), House + House, Ventrui Scott Brown and Associates, and others.

Internet Comment: A Reviewer from San Francisco October 13, 1999
I would recommend this book to all design professionals and especially to all teaching professionals and students in the field of architecture. I used the book as a guide to paraline drawing as a design tool last spring in a studio setting at the Academy of Art College in San Francisco. The mystery of axonometric drawing was dispelled and my students were quickly using and producing detail and large-scale drawings to explain their intent. This is a real winner. Tremendous text for academic instruction!!

Composite Drawing, McGraw-Hill, 1996

Composite Drawing:
Techniques for Architectural Design Presentation
(5-star rating by internet review)

Author: M. Saleh Uddin
Publisher: McGraw-Hill o ISBN: 0070657491
Hardcover o 208 pages o January 1996 price: $38.50 List Price: $55.00
Also published in Chinese and Spanish

Filled with techniques, this studio companion features an international portfolio of award-winning composite drawings by more than 64 renowned design professionals and academicians including Tadao Ando, Neil Denari, Douglas Darden, Ellerbe Becket, Steven Holl, Frnaklin Israel, Helmut Jahn, Machado and Silvetti, Morphosis, Eric Owen Moss, Polshek and Partners, Scogin Elam Bray, Smith-Miller+Hawkinson, Shin Takamatsu, Tod Williams Billie Tsien, Bernard Tschumi, Riken Yamamoto, Mehrdad Yazdani, and Ken Yeang. Filled with exquisite graphics, including many four-color images, and featuring extensive coverage of composition and layout ideas, current reprographic techniques and equipment, nonconventional drawing media and exploratory drawing, this book provides you with all the information and guidance you need to produce composite drawings that are as fine as any being done today!

Internet Review: A reader from peoria, illinois April 11, 1999
I was impressed with this author's approach. I know the subject area was lacking adequate coverage especially for students of architecture and/or professionals. The author demonstrates in myriad ways how various architectural illustrations such as axonometrics, perspectives, elevations, sections, plans and details along with text, titles and photographic images can be effectively designed in sheet composition for creative 2-D presentations of remarkable inventiveness. This book offers a superb reference in an area otherwise under-represented in design education. Highly recommended!