Rahman Residence • Dhaka, Bangladesh
Construction Completed in 1984
Award of Excellence 1996 • American Society of Architectural Perspectivists

One family residence with the provision of vertical expansion without sacrificing the privacy of the current design. Restricted site boundaries forced the design to be sculpted from a cubic mass-volume. Subtracted mass in the front protects the glazed wall, and sucks air inside the building which counterbalances the double-height void in the dining area, facilitating natural air-flow year-round. All openings were carefully designed (most openings pushed inward to avoid direct confrontation with climatic extremes) to respond to the environmental conditions of the region’s hot-humid climate.

Top: Form•Z schematic 3D computer models. Middle: Photocollage using presentation plans, AutoCAD 3-D drawing, construction plans, and photographs of the completed front facade and interior stair details.
Bottom: Photographs of completed building

Schematic 3D computer model study