Interior of Saleh Residence
Columbia, Missouri, 2002

Interior ImagesPublished in the
Columbia Home Megazine Nov-Dec 2003

Contemporary Living With Architectural Distinction
Cover Story by Robin May, Columbia Home megazine

(This 4100 sq. ft. walkout ranch house is arranged primarily against two axes that cross each other perpendicularly. These two axes function both as visual axes as well as circulation spines. The north-south axis connects the front entry with the back deck along the living and dining spaces. The cross axis running east-west connects the kitchen space with private bed room zones. While these two axes hold primary circulation paths, the intersecting point holds the vertical circulation in the form of a staircase connecting two levels of the house. This staircase is sandwiched between two vertical planar walls which becomes the conceptual center of the house. These two walls also visually connect the living space with the dining space through large openings. Fireplace, the most important social element is also strategically placed against one of these walls facing the formal living.)

Axonometric pencil drawings for communication with sub-contractors

The principles used in this design were to create a feel of transition through the use of elements of lines and planes. These elements begin on the front porch, moves throughout the whole house and onto the back deck. Layers of planes make layers of spaces. And the punches through them keep the visual connection throughout the house in between the exterior and the interior. Layers are created not to block the view of other parts of the house, but to accent them.